Broadway Hall

Broadway is home to mostly Seniors and some Juniors, residing in corridor-style singles and doubles. Sophomores also sometimes live in Broadway, but only in doubles. Located close to campus, Broadway features a beautiful Sky Lounge with expansive views of the city.

Broadway Hall

Key Features:

  • Great city views from higher floors
  • Beautiful Sky Lounge is a great study location
  • 4 music practice rooms and a seminar classroom on 2nd floor
  • Close proximity to classes and services with an on-campus feel
  • Residential programs offices on 1st floor


Building Details:

Building Amenities:

What Former Residents Say:

“It’s the most convenient hall to live in. Right on Broadway, clean, located near Lerner Hall, fast elevators, and well air-conditioned. It also has a great lobby with a lot of space to study.”

“If you live on the 13th floor you have an amazing view of the city… The doubles at the ends of the halls look out over the city and easily boast the best views to wake up to in all of campus.”

“Broadway may be the most underrated hall on campus. The rooms aren’t huge, but there are great views, quiet floors, fast elevators, and nice kitchens that you don’t have to clean yourself.”

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