47 Claremont Avenue

47 Claremont provides suite-style housing with a mix of 7-person suites (two doubles per suite) and 3-4-person suites comprised of singles. Due to the popularity of these suites, Sophomores and Juniors with high lottery numbers typically reside in this residence hall.

47 Claremont Avenue

Key Features:

  • Closest building to Barnard residences
  • Quick access to Barnard’s Hewitt Dining Hall
  • Short walk to Riverside Park
  • E-line rooms have space constraints and lofted beds
  • No common area in suites


Building Details:

Building Amenities:

What Other Residents Say:

“At times, residents of 47 Claremont may seem isolated from their friends who live on the central campus, but in return they get an intimate group living experience that they will likely remember fondly throughout college and beyond.”

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