First-Year Application

Tips for the First-Year Housing Application

  1. Access the application from the Admissions website. All application steps through the Statement of Intent must be completed by June 1.
  2. Log into the application using your PID (your personal identification number, which begins with C00...) and Date of Birth, and select 'Application' in the upper left-hand corner. Follow the instructions on each page carefully.
  3. On Step 1, 'Personal & Contact Details,' you must create a Screen Name. This will be required during the Roommate Request step of the registration process.
  4. Review the building options and select your hall preferences carefully. Please note that a preference for single sex accommodations will take precedence over building preference. Furnald Hall is the only residence hall that offers single-sex floors (on the ground floor.) Hartley, Wallach and John Jay do not have single-sex floors.
  5. To request a specific roommate, select the 'Roommate Search' step on the left-hand side of the application page, enter your desired roommate's name and UNI in the indicated fields, and click the 'Search' button. When your requested roommate's information appears, press the 'Request' button to submit your roommate request. If you do not have your desired roommate's UNI, do not continue to the next step - wait and log in to complete the application later as you will not be able to return to this step in the process once you continue past it. After you obtain this information from your desired roommate, log back into the application, and you will be redirected to this step. You may only request one roommate at a time. If you request more than one roommate, you will not be permitted to proceed with your application. If your selected roommate does not accept your request, you may return to the 'Roommate Search' step to request a different roommate. 
    Finalize any outstanding roommate requests before continuing to the next step. To complete this step, please 'Accept' or 'Delete' any roommate requests you receive and/or wait for a response from any submitted roommate requests. A roommate must be confirmed in order to be accepted by the system.

    Please note:

    • Roommate matching will take priority over residence hall preference requests.
    • Roommate requests are not guaranteed.
    • Complete the Statement of Intent step to confirm your application.
  6. The application 'Status' will read 'Not Complete' until the Occupancy Agreement is signed, which will occur after you have received your room assignment.  Housing notifications will be sent via email in late June/early July. You will be instructed to log in and sign the Occupancy Agreement online, thus completing this registration process. At this point, your login will be your Columbia University Network ID (UNI) and password. 
  7. Students who will not be 18 prior to August 15 will have to submit a copy of the Occupancy Agreement signed by a parent or guardian.

  8. If you indicate a request to commute, this request must be approved by the Associate Dean of Community Development and the Office of Residential Life.

Please proceed to the Admissions website to access the application.