SIC Residences

The Special Interest Communities (SIC) program is sponsored by Residential Life. There are various SIC options as well as the Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) to choose from, all of which are outlined in detail on the Special Interest Communities Program website.

619 West 113 Street

SIC Brownstones:

  • 531 W. 113th St: Special Interest Community (SIC) House: Muse House, Application Development Initiative (ADI)
  • 542 W. 114th St: Casa Latina
  • 552 W. 114th St.: Intercultural Resource Center (IRC)
  • 546 W. 114th St.: Q House
  • 619 W. 113th St.

SIC Apartments:

  • 554 W. 114th St.: Intercultural House (ICH)
  • 604 W. 114th St.: Greenborough
  • 606 W. 114th St.: Potluck House

SICs within Residence Halls:

  • East Campus: Pan African House
  • River Hall: Manhattan House, Muslim Student House, uplift House, Writer's House

Building Details:

Building Amenities:

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