Occupancy Terms and Agreement

Text: COVID-19 Update

Students are required to abide by the Columbia Community Health Compact for AY 20-21. Failure to follow the guidelines in the compact may impact the resident’s ability to reside on-campus and will permit the University to terminate their Occupancy Agreement immediately.”


The Occupancy Agreement is a document that each resident must sign prior to Check-In or prior to occupying a new room in the case of swaps and transfers. The document is accessed through the Housing Portal and outlines the terms and conditions that a resident must abide by to live in Columbia Undergraduate Housing owned and operated residence halls and brownstones.  


A resident's Occupancy Agreement, when signed by the due date, is binding for the occupancy period indicated therein and is subject to the provisions set forth herein. Certain buildings require occupancy riders. It is the resident's responsibility to be aware of whether a rider is required for his/her particular building. A list of buildings that require riders and sample riders are available from the Hartley Hospitality Desk.

The resident agrees to occupy the space assigned, and not to permit any part of that space to be occupied by any person not duly assigned or authorized in writing by Housing.

Recesses designated by the University that fall within the term of the Occupancy Agreement are included in the occupancy period. Extended occupancy before and after the occupancy period is allowable only by specific written permission of Columbia Housing, and, if granted, a charge will be made for such occupancy.

All residents are required to vacate their assigned room within 24 hours of their last exam or by 12 noon on the published check-out date of each semester, whichever comes first unless prior approval has been granted by Housing.

When a student ceases to be eligible for residence, they are expected to vacate the space assigned and return all hard keys or de-activate their CUID programmed electronic access. Failure to vacate will result in the charges set forth in Room Transfers and Termination by the University, and in the University packing and shipping their belongings. Any charges incurred in the packing and shipping of belongings will be billed to the student.

Any provision of this Occupancy Agreement that is prohibited or unenforceable shall be ineffective to the extent of such prohibition or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining provisions.

No provisions of this Occupancy Agreement may be waived by the University except by a written instrument signed by the authorized representative of the University. No waiver of any term or condition shall be construed as a waiver of any earlier or subsequent term or condition.