Transfer Request Form

Terms and Conditions of Transfer of Room Assignment

Transfer Applications will be accepted from Tuesday, September 18 - Tuesday, October 02, 2018 . Dates will be posted at the beginning of each term on this page and in the announcements section of the home page.  This form will not be processed if submitted before the acceptance period.

Please Note

A transfer request is NOT complete upon online submission of this form. The completed form must be printed and signed by a resident’s Residence Hall Director (RHD)/Associate Director (AD) and then turned in to the Hartley Hospitality Desk for processing. All fields on this form are required.
Please reach out to your RHD/AD via email to schedule an appointment. RHD/AD contact information:
West Campus (Harmony and Carlton Arms)
Joey Kopriva– Associate Director (AD)
Office: 103 Broadway Hall
E-Block (Watt and Ruggles)
Ben Jones – Associate Director (AD)
Office: 103 Broadway Hall
East Campus
John Rowell – Residence Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 310 East Campus Hall
John Rowell – Residence Hall Director (RHD) [Interim]
Office: 310 East Campus Hall

Carl Jones – Residence Hall Director (RHD)

Office: 110 Schapiro Hall

Broadway and Hogan
Kat Burns – Residence Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 103 Broadway Hall

West 113th St. (McBain, 600 W. 113th and 548 W. 113th)

Robert Peñaherrera – Residence Hall Director (RHD)

Office 110 McBain Hall

Fraternity & Sorority Life
Ryan Cole – Residence Hall Director (RHD)

Office: 515 Lerner Hall

MJ Zhou Qin – Residence Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 111 Wallach Hall
John Jay
Haley Carson – Residence Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 111 Wallach Hall
Living-Learning Center
Scott Helfrich – Associate Director (AD)
Office: 111 Wallach Hall
Aaron Hukari – Residence Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 104 Carman Hall

Special Interest Communities, River, 604/606, Q House, 47 Claremont, Woodbridge, 627 W 115 St.
Stephanie Valentino – Assistant Director (AD)
Office: 101 Broadway Hall
Intercultural Resource Center (IRC)
Intercultural House (ICH)
Jacquis Watters – Associate Director (AD)
Office: Intercultural Resource Center
Submissions are binding. If you are authorized for a transfer, you agree to abide by the following rules:
  1. If Housing is able to meet one of your choices, you will be required to move within 24 hours. Failure to move will result a $250 penalty that will be charged to your student account.
  2. If you begin moving and do not complete your move within 24 hours of signing your contract, the items in your old room will be considered trash and discarded. The fee for this will be $250.
  3. Pay the daily charges for the space into which that resident transfers, from the day the transfer becomes effective until the last day of the contract period.
  4. Pay the daily charges for the space from which you transfer, from the first day of the contract period until the day the transfer becomes effective, or when all personal property is removed and the keys are returned, whichever is later.
  5. You must check out of your old room properly. Please complete the Web Inventory Report and return your old key.
Since you will be required to move if one of your preferences is met, it is recommended that you use the comment box to state any special requirements you may have for a preference. Please note that applications are processed according to seniority and availability, then based on the application date.
If a student is discovered living in a room other than the one for which s/he has a signed Occupancy Agreement, s/he will be charged a $250 administrative fee and will be required to return to his or her assigned room.


Please rank your housing preferences below:

Disability Housing Accommodation
If you wish to request accommodations on the basis of a disability, you must complete the Disability Housing Accommodations process in addition to completing this form. More information about the process, including required forms and guidelines for disability documentation are available online. For further information, please contact Disability Services at 212.854.2388.

Other Housing Needs

Students may request a housing accommodation for a variety of reasons beyond disability-related accommodations (e.g. safety concerns, identity-based needs, etc.). All housing accommodations will be reviewed by Housing in partnership with the Office of Residential Life and campus partners and resources on a case-by-case basis. If you have any additional questions, please email

In order for Housing to better understand and try to meet your need(s), please describe below what need(s) you have for a housing accommodation.

Please provide any comments, additional information, or special requirements. We will not move you unless we can meet ALL of the requirements you specify on this form; you may indicate limits on room size, direction of window, etc., but be advised that this will seriously limit our ability to move you.


I agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions above. I agree to pay the new room rate for whatever room to which I am transferred.  (Typing your name in the box below is an electronic signature and is as binding as a written one.)

Please print this form and have your RHD/AD print and sign their names indicating approval of your request. 

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