Resident Responsibilities


Each resident must formally check into the residence halls at the time(s) and location(s) designated by Housing. Failure to do so within 48 hours following the first day of the occupancy period will result in cancellation of the Occupancy Agreement, as described in Termination by the University. Within 48 hours of occupancy of the assigned space, the resident must submit a report of the conditions therein. This report is the basis for charges for any damage and/or loss attributable to the resident during the term of the Occupancy Agreement.


A resident will be recorded as having checked out when:

  • The resident notifies his or her RA.
  • All room/suite keys issued have been returned. If you fail to return your suite and/or room key(s), you will be charged $15 for each unreturned key and $50 for a lock change.
  • If a student does not check-out by the published check-out time, a late check-out fee is charged. The fee is $100 for the first hour and $50 for any portion of each additional hour.
  • Formal notification of actual departure has been given at the Housing designated location for Check-Out, or at the Hartley Hospitality Desk, for cancellation.

Prior to Check-Out, the resident must remove all personal property, refuse, and discarded material from the space, and leave that space as it was found upon Check-In. Belongings left behind in rooms after the Occupancy Period shall be deemed abandoned and may be disposed of by the University. Charges for additional cleaning required, for removal of abandoned or damaged property, or for any conditions other than fair wear and tear not in the original Room Inventory Report will be charged to the resident's student account.

If you do not Check-Out by your scheduled time, you will be charged a late Check-Out fee of $100 for the first hour and $50 for each additional hour.



Columbia Housing prohibits the removal or alteration of furnishings, fixtures, appliances and locks provided by the University. The addition of the like not provided by the University is prohibited unless specific prior written arrangements have been made with the Housing Office in 118 Hartley. This includes but is not limited to air conditioners, furniture, halogen lamps, waterbeds, cable television service, private telephones, microwave ovens and full-size refrigerators. Policies and procedures for use of microwave ovens and full-size refrigerators are contained under separate cover and are available from the Hospitality Desk. Common area furnishings, fixtures and appliances may not be removed under any circumstances, nor may Columbia Housing furniture be removed from any room. Columbia Housing also prohibits the duplication of keys by any persons other than authorized University personnel.


The resident is responsible for cleaning the assigned space, including the furnishings, appliances, and fixtures therein; for removing and properly discarding refuse regularly; and for maintaining satisfactory sanitation, garbage disposal, and safety standards as determined by Columbia Housing, the Recycling Law and Regulations, and the Fire and Housing Codes of the City of New York. In accordance with those codes, cooking, and cooking appliances are prohibited except in areas officially designated and equipped for that purpose by Housing.

Loss or damage

The resident and/or fraternity/sorority shall reimburse Housing for all damages and expenses that Housing may suffer or incur for repair to the assigned space, its furnishings or facilities or the furnishings or facilities of the residence halls/brownstones, caused by the resident’s misconduct or neglect or by the misconduct or neglect of guests of the resident. Charges for any damages or expenses incurred in an assigned space, or on a floor within the residence halls, or in any other space contracted for, will be divided equally among the residents thereof unless specific liability is assumed by the person(s) responsible. There is a minimum charge of $10 per occurrence. In the case of fraternity/sorority-occupied brownstones, the chapter may be charged.

Additional Restrictions

  • No pets, other than fish of a size that can be humanely kept in a small aquarium that is not to exceed 1/2 gallon, are permitted in a residence with the exception of Service and Assistance Animals.
  • No firearms, explosives or any type of weapon, including air pistols, BB guns, and fireworks of any type, are permitted.
  • No candles, incense, or open flames are permitted.
  • No hoverboards are permitted.
  • No drones are permitted.
  • No storage of flammables or explosives of any type is permitted.
  • No tampering with fire extinguishers, alarms, or other safety equipment is permitted.
  • No motorcycles or any gas engine vehicles are permitted.
  • No throwing of any items from windows and balconies is permitted.
  • No excessive noise is permitted.
  • No “live” holiday decorations such as wreaths or Christmas trees are permitted.
  • No soliciting or commercial activities are permitted.
  • No actions are permitted that are inconsistent with city, state, and federal statutes and Housing policies and procedures as outlined in the Guide to Living.
  • No structural additions or modifications of any kind are permitted to any part of a student room or residence hall.
  • No drawing, painting or nailing of any kind to any surface is permitted.
  • No window A/C units
  • No smoking, including electronic cigarettes
  • No thermometers containing mercury