Eligibility for Residence

To be eligible for residence and to continue residing in the Columbia Housing residence halls and Brownstones during the academic year, a person must be registered as a full-time degree candidate at Columbia College or the The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences for an approved program of academic work as determined by the school in which the student is enrolled. Because of a shortage of student housing, Columbia Housing may, at its discretion, require those students who cease to be enrolled full time to vacate their residence hall space immediately. For purposes of determining years of residence, a partial year is considered a full year. Please note that we do not house graduate students.

If you reside in undergraduate housing and are unable to register for classes due to a hold on your account or have a prior term balance exceeding $1000.00, you will not be allowed to move into Columbia Housing for the next term. If you fail to register for classes, you are no longer eligible for undergraduate housing, and must make necessary arrangements to secure registration, or you will be denied access to the residence halls and your room. Holds will remain in effect until your account is settled with Student Financial Services.