Moving Bins

Residents may borrow a blue moving bin at any time from the Hartley Hall Hospitality Desk. Bins are free for the first 2 hours and $10 per additional hour. The maximum charge per day is $70. The total maximum charge shall not exceed the replacement cost of the item ($350). If a student loses a bin, the replacement cost will be billed to his/her student account. Students can also use The Flex Account to pay for the moving bin rental charges. Students will be billed $50 for failure to check a blue moving bin back to the Hospitality Desk. 

To minimize rental time and prevent late fees, residents should sign out a bin only when they are completely packed and ready to move and return it as soon as they are finished. To avoid traffic and extended waits, students should schedule their moves during off-peak periods. Expect to encounter long lines and lengthy move-times during Check-In and Check-Out.