Mail Services

The U.S. Postal Service and other package delivery services deliver mail to Columbia Mail for distribution. Incoming mail and packages for residential CC/SEAS students are received at the Student Mail Center in the lower level of Wien Hall. It is the primary pick-up location for undergraduate residents of Columbia Housing. Upon receipt of mail or a package, the Student Mail Center will send the student an email notification indicating the pick-up location.
A student retains the ability to have mail delivered to the Student Mail Center for the duration of his or her residence in Columbia Housing, unless s/he takes a voluntary leave of absence, withdraws from classes, or moves off-campus. When sending letters and packages to the campus address, it is important that students always use their complete mailing address, including their name, mailbox number, Morningside Drive address and their zip code. This will help ensure that mail reaches the intended recipients. A sample address is given below, where “####” represents the student’s mailbox number at the Student Mail Center:
Student’s Full Name
#### Columbia Student Mail
70 Morningside Drive
New York, NY 10027-7236
Please note: Web forms may vary in how your address can be submitted. Try to include your #### mailbox number using one of the lines typically provided: either Address 1, Address 2, or Apartment. 
The word "box" should never be used in the address, and mail should never be sent to a student's residence hall address.