Custodial Services

General Cleaning Schedules

Residents are responsible to clean up after themselves as well as take out the trash in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, and other common areas.

Public areas outside all suites and apartments are cleaned daily (Monday - Friday) in all residence halls. Other housekeeping services vary by building as follows:

  • Broadway, Furnald, McBain, and Schapiro: Kitchens and bathrooms cleaned daily (Monday - Friday).
  • Carman, East Campus, Hartley, Wallach, Hogan, and Ruggles: Bathrooms cleaned weekly.
  • River: Bathrooms cleaned twice weekly.
  • John Jay and Wien: Bathrooms cleaned daily (Monday - Friday).
  • Watt and Woodbridge: Bathrooms cleaned weekly.
  • 47 Claremont, 600 West 113th Street, Carlton Arms, Hartley, River and Ruggles: Kitchens are resident responsibility. Bathrooms cleaned twice weekly.

For cleaning schedules by residence, visit the individual building page. Concerns and questions about housekeeping should be directed to the Hospitality Desk at 212-854-2779.

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In suite-style housing (i.e. Carman, East Campus, Hartley, Wallach, Hogan, Watt, Woodbridge, and Ruggles) bathrooms are cleaned once per week. To assist Housekeeping, students should remove toiletries before 9:30am on the day that their bathroom is scheduled to be cleaned.

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It is the student’s responsibility to compost the appropriate items in Broadway, East Campus, Ruggles, Schapiro, and Watt using the appropriate compost bins and adhering to posted compost collection methods.


Pest extermination is conducted monthly in common areas, but to exterminate unwanted pests in individual suites, apartments, or rooms, submit a Maintenance Request.

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Students are responsible for properly discarding trash and maintaining satisfactory sanitation and safety standards. Methods of trash disposal vary between buildings:

  • Broadway, East Campus, Furnald, Hartley, Wallach, John Jay, River, Schapiro, and Woodbridge: use the trash compactor chutes located in each corridor.
  • Ruggles and Watt: use the trash receptacles in the basement of the building.
  • Carman, McBain, Hogan and Wien: use the trash receptacles on each floor.

Do not discard heavy items down compactor chutes as they can damage the chutes (damaged chutes will be locked shut). Do not throw recyclables (i.e. metal, hangers, lunch trays) into the trash compactors. Do not place newspapers and boxes in the compactor chutes, but dispose of them at the building’s recycling station.

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Kitchen and Common Areas

If a student lives in a suite or corridor with a kitchen, they are responsible for the upkeep of the suite kitchen and common area. This includes discarding kitchen trash daily, washing dishes, and clearing off counters. Residents with corridor kitchens are responsible for washing dishes and cleaning counters after use. Housekeeping cleaning will not occur if students do not comply.

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Ovens in Broadway, East Campus, Furnald, Hartley, Wallach, McBain, River, Ruggles, and Schapiro are self-cleaning. Residents of these buildings should clean their ovens twice per week. Residents will find cleaning instructions posted in their kitchens.

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It is the student’s responsibility to separate recyclables from trash and clean the items before they recycle them. There are recycling bins available on each floor of the corridor buildings or within the common areas of each suite. If a student does not see a recycling bin in these areas, they can fill out a Maintenance Request, and one will be delivered. For more information, please visit Recycling.

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Vacuum Cleaners

All RAs should have brooms and dust pans. Vacuums can be borrowed from Hartley Hospitality Desk.

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