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Room Selection

There are a number of resources available to help you throughout the Room Selection process. Explore items like Assignment Policies, Cutoff History, Floor Plans, or the Frequently Asked Questions listed here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make my appointment?

In-Person Group Selection

Come in as soon as possible.  Once the next group’s appointment time starts they can select a room if your group has not already selected.  If you will not make your appointment time, select a proxy to act on your behalf.  Please fill out the proxy’s Full Name and UNI on the ‘Registration Summary’ Step in the Housing Portal.  You may designate a proxy up to 24 hours prior to your appointment time.  All decisions and actions by a proxy are binding for the student s/he represents.  Those who miss their appointment time and fail to participate in In-Person Selection will automatically be enrolled in Online Selection.

Online Selection

Log in to the Housing Portal and select your room as soon as possible.  For Online Selection, there is no way to have a proxy sign in to act on your behalf.  Once the next person’s appointment time starts they can select a room, diminishing your potential room choices.  If you are not able to select a room or complete the housing waitlist prior to the Online Selection deadline, you will forfeit your guaranteed housing status.

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I forgot to register or made a mistake registering

Please email Housing immediately and we will do our best to assist you.

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I missed my appointment time

If you miss your appointment time, come late. During In-Person Group Selection, you can select a room/suite any time after your appointment until In-Person Group Selection ends. The same applies for Online Selection: you can log in to select a room any time after your appointment until Online Selection ends. Just keep in mind that with each passing day, others are selecting rooms/suites and inventory is dwindling.

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I missed Room Selection

If you fail to select a room before the end of the Room Selection period, you will no longer be guaranteed a housing assignment. Those who miss Room Selection must complete a Housing Application by June 1 in order to be eligible for the Non-guaranteed Waitlist.

Students on the Non-guaranteed Waitlist will be assigned based on seniority and proximity to campus, according to the order in which they completed their application. Assignment will then be based on preferences indicated on the application and on the availability of space.

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I'm a rising sophomore and I didn't get a housing assignment during Room Selection

Due to the demand for housing, some rising sophomores may not be able to choose their housing assignments during the Room Selection period. As a result, the Sophomore Waitlist was created, and students on this list are contacted over the summer with their housing assignments for the following year. Rising sophomores who are unable to choose their rooms must complete the ‘Waitlist’ step during Online Selection prior to the end of Room Selection, indicating their preferences for a housing assignment and/or a desired roommate. This ensures an academic year assignment and maintains ones guaranteed housing status. Students on the Sophomore Waitlist are assigned prior to any returning students, in lottery number order.

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I need more information

First, please take time to read the complete Room Selection section of the website. If questions persist, attend the Room Selection Info Session, held each February in John Jay Hall, stop by the Housing Office in 118 Hartley, or email Housing.

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