In-Person Group Selection

In-Person Group Selection (for suites and doubles) takes place in John Jay Lounge. Dates and times are determined annually. Group sizes can range from 2 to 8 and must be the exact size as the suite students wish to select (e.g. a group of 6 cannot select a 4-person suite plus a double room, a group of 4 cannot select a 5-person suite, and a group of 6 cannot select 3 doubles). The exception to this policy is during Sophomore Pair-Up, when groups with a point value of 10 and comprised only of rising sophomores have the option to break apart and pick available corridor-style doubles.

A student’s group cannot enter John Jay Lounge until 15 minutes prior to their appointment date/time. All group members or their proxies must be present to select a room. All members must show their valid CUID to pick a room.

If a student’s group does not want or is unable to select a suite during In-Person Group Selection, the group will automatically drop to Online Selection and receive a new appointment date and time (but keep the same lottery number). If one person in a group chooses to drop to Online Selection or cancels the Housing application for any reason prior to the group scheduled appointment time, the entire group either drops to Online Selection or if eligible (contains all 30 points or all 20 points), the group can participate in the Senior or Junior regroup process.

Remember: All doubles in Broadway, McBain, Schapiro, Woodbridge, Watt, 600 W. 113th, 548 W.113th and Wien are available to two-person groups during In-Person Group Selection. In addition, during in Person-Selection, groups of sophomores may break apart and select multiple doubles in a corridor style building at their selection appointment time. There are many benefits to forming a group, one of which provides students with two chances to find a room they want. Students can always drop to On-line Selection if they have a good lottery number or don’t like what’s available. Hartley and Wallach Halls are part of the Living-Learning Center, participants of which undergo a separate Room Selection process. To live in Hartley or Wallach, students must apply separately via an application from the Associate Director of the Living-Learning Center in Wallach Hall.