Online Selection

Conducted on the Housing Portal, Online Selection takes place after In-Person Group selection and enables students to select into corridor-style and large suite-style buildings, primarily in singles. Students log in with their UNI and password to select a room, and cannot log in until their assigned appointment date/time. Students can select a room any time after their appointment time, until Online Selection ends. Because Online Selection participants do not have the option of participating in In-Person Group Selection, we encourage students to register for In-Person Group Selection to broaden their housing options.

Entering Online Selection as a Group

Students wishing to form a group and live near one another in a building other than East Campus, Hogan, Ruggles, Woodbridge, Watt, and 47 Claremont may participate in Online Selection. During Registration, choose ‘Online Selection as a Group’. Typically, friends trying to get singles next to each other in a corridor building (Schapiro, Harmony, River, Wien, 600 W. 113, and Broadway) fall into this category.

It is not necessary for a group to stay together during Online Selection. Once logged into the Housing Portal, all members of the group may select into any individual spaces remaining, even if they are in different buildings. 

Men and women may form groups together for Online Selection. However, double rooms can only be assigned to students of the same gender.

Entering Online Selection as an Individual

Students interested in living in a single along a corridor can register for Online Selection as an individual.