Eligible Students

Room Selection is open to all currently enrolled first-, second-, and third-year undergraduates in Columbia College or the School of Engineering and Applied Science who reside in Columbia Housing, are studying abroad with a Columbia-approved program, or First-Year students approved to commute.

Non-Guaranteed Students

Non-guaranteed students are not eligible to participate in Room Selection. Students lose their guaranteed housing status if they have taken a voluntary leave of absence, moved off campus, been forced to withdraw, or lost housing for another judicial reason. See Ineligible Students section below.

Exceptional Eligibility Circumstances

Fifth Year Seniors

Seniors who entered Columbia College as first-year students and are enrolled in the 3-2 SEAS program, specific 4-1 SEAS programs, or ASP program are guaranteed 10 semesters of housing, provided they meet all other eligibility requirements. These students participate in Room Selection with rising-senior status (30 points).

Study Abroad

Students who are involved in a Columbia-approved study abroad program and are paying tuition to Columbia while away are eligible for Room Selection if the following provisions are met:

  • the student had guaranteed housing status upon departure to the program.
  • the student can participate in Room Selection from abroad, either by designating a proxy to act on his/her behalf during In-Person Group Selection, or by selecting a room during Online Selection.

Barnard College Students

Groups of 3 - 8 students may include one or more Barnard rising seniors for In-Person Group Selection if at least 50% of the group is comprised of eligible Columbia students and the class standing of each Barnard participant is greater than or equal to the lowest class standing of her prospective Columbia suitemates. Usually only rising senior Barnard students have the opportunity to pick before the cut off.

Ineligible Students

Students are ineligible for Room Selection if they are:

  • Barnard Students, in the case of Online Selection and any Barnard College students with current sophomore or first-year standing.
  • Columbia College or SEAS students who were assigned to a Columbia Housing space for the current academic year only. (These students are primarily visiting students and those who were assigned to a space from the Non-Guaranteed Waitlist.)
  • Current seniors in Columbia College or SEAS who have been accepted into a Columbia graduate program. (Such students should apply for Graduate Housing within University Apartment Housing, 420 West 119th Street.) Please visit the Columbia Residential team's Housing Application Instructions for more information.
  • Students on any leave of absence. Although students in this category may be guaranteed housing upon their return, they must be formally readmitted to their school to be eligible to receive housing again. Students taking a voluntary leave of absence are not guaranteed housing.
  • Students who move off campus.