After Selection

Room Selection is over. Now what?

Rooms Swaps

Two students may swap rooms if both students are in the same class year. If a double room or a room on a single-sex floor is involved, the students must be of the same sex. Students living in Open Housing must have the agreement of the roommate to swap. Each resident must sign a new Occupancy Agreement after the swap has been processed.

A Columbia student may never swap with a Barnard student, regardless of where the rooms are located. Students may swap only once per academic year. Room swaps must be approved by Residential Life and Housing, and both departments reserve the right to deny Swaps. Please visit Room Swaps within the Guide to Living's Room Assignments and Room Transfers section for more information.

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Room Transfers

Opportunities to transfer to other rooms within the residence halls are limited due to space availability. If a student is interested in a Room Transfer, they should complete a Room Transfer Application. Transfers made during the academic year are issued based on seniority and availability, then by date of application. Transfers are accepted during the first two weeks of each term. Transfer requests must be approved by the student's Residence Hall Director (RHD)/Associate Director (AD).

Please visit Room Transfer Requests and Summer Transfer of Fall Assignment within the Guide to Living's Room Assignment and Room Transfer section for more information about these processes.

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Cancellation Policy

If a student chooses not to stay in the residence halls, they must cancel their housing via the online Cancellation Form. This applies to students who register then change their minds, students taking leaves of absence, moving off-campus, graduating early, and students studying abroad. Once a student’s housing has been cancelled, a cancellation fee and credit will be applied to their student account, as applicable. Visit the Proration Schedule for information about cancellation fees. Student accounts will only be assessed after room keys are returned to the Hartley Hospitality Desk. If a student’s room key is their CUID, they must deactivate their room access at the Hartley Hospitality Desk to confirm departure.

Depending on the reason for a leave of absence, by cancelling housing, students may forfeit the right to guaranteed housing for the remainder of their time at Columbia. Those who lose guaranteed housing must apply for housing each semester and are placed on the Non-Guaranteed Waitlist.

In accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Residence, the University may cancel a student’s housing contract for, among other reasons, failure to pay outstanding residential charges by May 1 through Student Financial Services.

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Occupancy Agreement

Students are expected to sign an Occupancy Agreement upon selecting a room, but no later than checking into their assigned room.

If a student is granted a Room Transfer or Room Swap, they will be required to sign a new Occupancy Agreement before they can retrieve new keys.

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