Sabbath Observers

Registration and Eligibility

Students who observe the Sabbath should register with Hillel so that accommodations can be made to meet their needs. Only CC/SEAS and Barnard students living in Columbia Housing are eligible to be placed on the roster.

Sabbath Holidays 

Residents who observe the Sabbath and therefore do not carry their ID/keys for religious reasons (Friday sundown through Saturday sundown and on religious holidays), must let the Public Safety Officer at the building entrance desk know their first and last name, UNI, and room assignment. The Officer will verify the above information by viewing a CC/SEAS roster, inclusive of photos, of Sabbath observers.

Evening Guests

If a resident expects Sabbath guests, they must submit a guest list to the Public Safety Officer at the building entrance. Each Sabbath or religious holiday requires a new guest list submission. The guest list must include: first name, last name, UNI (when the guest is a student), and hometown, zip code of each guest. Upon arrival, the guest should inform the Public Safety Officer that they are attending a Sabbath/religious meal. The guest must know the first and last name and suite number of the host. The guest will not be required to leave an ID.

Daytime Guests

All guests of Sabbath observers must be met in the building lobby by the resident host and be signed in by the Public Safety Officer. The resident must be present in order for a guest to be signed into the building. If the guest is also a Sabbath Observer, s/he will not be required to leave an ID, but must properly check-in with the desk staff.

Residents with religious needs not accommodated in this policy, please email Residential Life prior to the event to make appropriate arrangements.