Preferred Names

Columbia Housing and Residential Life recognize that many residents use a name other than their legal name. As long as the use of a preferred name is not for the purpose of misrepresentation, a preferred name can be used whenever possible. A preferred name is a first name (i.e., given name) that may be chosen to be used instead of a legal first name. This name will be utilized solely by Columbia Housing and Residential Life for familiarization purposes. Emails, contracts and most documents will continue to use your legal first and last name. You may edit your preferred name at any time through the Housing Portal application. Currently, SSOL allows you to enter a preferred name as well. Please note that preferred names entered into SSOL do not currently update your preferred name in the Housing Portal, but we are working to enable this. If you would like your preferred name to be used by the Housing team, please update it using the Housing Portal.