Smoking Policy

Smoking Policy


  • the demonstrated health and safety risks of smoking;
  • New York State law prohibiting smoking in or within 20 feet of campus housing;
  • the fact that the majority of our undergraduate students do not use tobacco (Columbia University ACHA-NCHA, 2009);
  • and the expressed desire of our students to have smoke-free living spaces,

all Columbia owned and operated undergraduate housing spaces (including, but not limited to, residence halls, fraternity and sorority housing, and other group residential facilities) are non-smoking.

Due to the safety and health risks, along with corresponding state laws and University policy, residents who choose to smoke must do so at one of the 14 designated campus smoking areas. View map for designated areas.

Further, marketing, advertising, sampling, sales, or other distribution of tobacco products in or within 20 feet of an undergraduate housing property is prohibited. Smoking devices including, but not limited to, electronic cigarettes, hookahs & water pipes, other pipes, and vaporizers are prohibited in all undergraduate housing properties and surrounding areas. Enforcement of the policy is the responsibility of all members of the Columbia community. Violations in or within 20 feet of an undergraduate residence hall may be reported to any member of the Residential Life or Housing staff.