Sexual Assault Policy

Columbia University is committed to providing a learning, working, and living environment free from discrimination, harassment and gender-based misconduct. The University encourages everyone to become familiar with the types of behaviors that constitute misconduct and with the University’s policies and procedures which are listed below.
Any member of the Columbia community who believes that she or he has experienced discrimination, harassment or gender-based misconduct is encouraged to report the incident to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action or Student Conduct and Community Standards. Upon receiving the report, these offices are charged with responding promptly and thoroughly in accordance with University policies. Columbia also offers confidential resources to community members who believe they have been subjected to any form of discrimination, harassment or gender-based misconduct. A list of these resources is provided below.    
Complaints against students for gender-based misconduct are processed in accordance with the Gender–Based Misconduct Policies for Students. The use of the term “gender-based misconduct” under these policies and procedures includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence. Students who attend Barnard College and Teachers College as well as Columbia University are covered by the Gender-Based Misconduct Policies for Students. Complainants may file a report by contacting Student Conduct and Community Standards at (212) 854-1717, or via online report at:
Complaints against Columbia law students for gender-based misconduct are processed in accordance with the Columbia Law School Policy on Gender-Based Misconduct.
Complaints against students for other forms of discrimination and harassment are processed in accordance with the Student Policies and Procedures on Discrimination and Harassment and should be filed with the Dean of the school in which the respondent student is enrolled.  Complaints against students are investigated under the appropriate Dean’s Discipline procedure of the respondent student’s school.
Complaints against employees and third parties doing business with the University for discrimination and harassment are processed in accordance with the Employment Policies and Procedures on Discrimination and Harassment. The use of the term “discrimination and harassment” under these policies and procedures includes discrimination, discriminatory harassment, gender-based harassment, sexual harassment, stalking, intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Complainants may file a report by contacting EOAA at (212) 854-5511,, or via online report.
The University provides a website to connect Columbia students and employees to important information about discrimination, harassment and gender-based misconduct at Columbia.  The website, called “Sexual Respect,” is an information clearinghouse for students and employees who wish to learn more about the important issues, policies and resources briefly described in this email.  We encourage you to visit our website and bookmark the site at:
The University makes available a number of confidential and non-confidential resources, including Sexual Violence Response (SVR,) which provides trauma-informed, confidential support through crisis counseling/intervention, advocacy, prevention, and outreach focused on interpersonal violence and harassment. SVR's mission is to eradicate all forms of gender-based violence. Through collective community action, they are committed to social change and creating a culture of accountability. Additionally, Housing staff and your Residence Advisor are also available should a student need help, but please understand that Housing staff members and Residence Advisors are required to report disclosed sexual assaults or other related incidents. 
Helpline: (212) 854-HELP (4357)
For support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
CUMC: (212) 305-1721
Main Office - Morningside Campus
2920 Broadway, 700 Alfred Lerner Hall, New York, NY 10027
Barnard College 
3009 Broadway, 105 Hewitt Hall, New York, NY 10027
Columbia University Medical Center
60 Haven Avenue, 206 Bard Hall, New York, NY 10032
For walk-in hours visit SVR’s website. Stay connected on SVR’s Facebook page.