Furnishing, Fixtures, and LocksUpdated

Residents must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Residents may not remove or alter any of the furnishings, fixtures, appliances, or locks provided in their room by the University.
  • Additional locks may not be added to doors.
  • Tampering with a lock mechanism is prohibited; this includes placing items between the top of the door and the doorframe, which could damage the lock.
  • Residents should lock their room and suite doors at any time they exit.
  • Doors lock automatically. ┬áResidents in Upper-class suite buildings [East Campus, Ruggles, 47 Claremont, Hotan, Watt (L and F suites), and Harmony 102-106] have the option to place their electronic lock on the room door into passage mode which leaves the room unlocked. Residents should remove passage mode and lock their room door at any time they exit the suite.