Community Standards and Behavioral Expectations

All communities must have clear expectations and guidelines for behavior to maintain safety and order. Each member of the residential community shares responsibility in establishing and sustaining a living environment that balances individual and community needs. Students are encouraged to have direct conversations with their peers about behavior that is disruptive or unacceptable. Students may also reach out to their RA, House Manager if living in a fraternity or sorority, or any member of the Residential Life team to strategize alternative approaches for follow-up or to request assistance with a community issue.  Resident Advisers (RAs), Community Advisers (CAs), Graduate Staff (both Graduate Hall Directors (GHDs) & Graduate Assistants (GAs), and Associate Directors (ADs) are responsible for community development, upholding community standards and enforcing policy in the undergraduate residence halls.

Students may not engage in behavior that infringes on individual or group rights by jeopardizing the health and safety of individuals and property. Students may not incite or assist another person with violating University policy. Some examples of prohibited behaviors include: behavior that interferes, interrupts, or disrupts an academic or university activity and conduct that is lewd, disorderly, or indecent.

Administrators from Undergraduate Student Life and/or the Office of Judicial Affairs, in conjunction with the Dean of the applicable school or his designee, may take appropriate action to protect the safety and well-being of the residential community and its members. This may require interim action and/or the termination of a student's Housing Occupancy Agreement if it is determined that a student poses a threat to him/herself or to others or if the student is significantly disruptive to the community.

All residents must abide by the policies set forth in the Terms and Conditions, as well as regulations of Columbia College and SEAS, Federal, State, and Municipal laws. Violations of these regulations will be subject to the Dean's Discipline Process and may result in the termination of the Housing Occupancy Agreement and dismissal from the residence halls by the Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Standards.

Please visit Community Standards and Resources for more information.