Common Areas and UsageUpdated

Each residence hall has common areas for use by residents. These areas include hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, study rooms, laundry rooms, fitness rooms, computer labs and floor and main building lounges. It is the responsibility of each community to see that these areas are kept in good condition and that the furnishings are not damaged or removed. Items not belonging in common areas may be removed for safety reasons by Columbia Housing, Facilities, or Residential Life staff without warning.
Furniture in any common area may not be removed from its intended location. Student rooms may be searched when common area furniture is missing. Common area furniture found in bedrooms or suites may be removed immediately by university personnel at the expense of the occupant(s). Students who fail to comply with Columbia Housing’s Furniture Policy may be subject to Dean’s Discipline.
Use of the lounges by any recognized Student Group for a planned event is at the discretion of the student group adviser, the Executive Director of Residential Life and the Executive Director of Housing. 

Floor Lounges

Floor lounges are available for events intended primarily for the residents of that floor. Only the Resident Adviser (RA) of a particular floor may reserve the floor lounge. If a resident wants to use the floor lounge for an event in which he or she will participate, the sponsoring resident must collaborate with the RA. Approval of the Graduate/Residence Hall Director or Associate Director may be required. All events taking place in floor lounges are considered floor events and therefore must be free of charge and open to all residents of that floor and residence hall.  The event must not be advertised outside of the hall in which the event is scheduled.

Building Lounges

First-Year/South Field Residence Halls 

Building lounges in the First-Year/South Field residence halls (Carman, Furnald, John Jay, and Wallach) are intended for the residential student community and are open 24 hours Monday - Thursday and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings starting at 6:00pm. They are not reserveable by student groups during this time. 
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, the building lounges can be reserved by performance groups only via the University Event Management website
The Hartley Hall building lounge remains open for all at all times (game room).
All Other Residence Halls
Off-campus residence halls may be available for reservation. For more information, please see the University Event Management website.