Cleanliness and Kitchens

All residents must maintain satisfactory sanitation and safety standards in their contractually assigned room, suite and common living areas. Kitchen and common area cleaning are the responsibility of the suite or corridor members. The RA can help set up kitchen and common area cleaning schedules to ensure that all residents share the responsibility. All residents living in suites must discard kitchen trash and recycling, wash dishes, and clear counters daily.

Cooking or using cooking appliances is prohibited in all residence halls except in those areas officially designated and equipped for that purpose. Cooking facilities are available as follows:

  • 47 Claremont, 600 W. 113th St., Carlton Arms, East Campus, Hartley, Hogan, River, and Ruggles: Suite kitchens
  • Broadway, Furnald, McBain, Schapiro, and Wallach: Hallway kitchens
  • Watt and Woodbridge Halls: Apartment-style kitchens
  • Brownstones, Carman, SIC House, and Wien: Building kitchens

Never leave cooking unattended. This is the most common cause for setting off fire alarms. If residents set off a fire alarm due to careless cooking, they may be subject to Dean’s Discipline and Fire Department fines.

Residents may not leave personal items, such as cookware, in non-suite common areas. Belongings left in non-suite common areas may be discarded during the next day’s cleaning. The University assumes no responsibility for lost or discarded items.

All residents must maintain satisfactory sanitation and safety standards in their living areas.

All residents must separate recyclables from trash and clean items before they are placed in recycling receptacles. For more information, please visit Recycling.