Air Conditioner PolicyUpdated

For safety reasons, both window and portable air conditioners (A/C) are not permitted in any residence hall or brownstone unless otherwise approved by Disability Services. Students will be fined $150 for the removal and storage of an illegal A/C unit and $100 for a window stop replacement. Air conditioned buildings include Broadway, Carman, East Campus, Furnald, and Schapiro.

If deemed necessary by Disability Services, one of the following options will be approved for the student:

  • Air-Conditioning (Seasonal):
    • A/C will be provided prior to students’ arrival on campus.
    • A/C will be removed by the end of October. Students will be emailed a week or two prior to removal.
    • A/C will be reinstalled at the beginning of April. Students will be emailed with an installation date and time.
    • A/C will remain installed until Check-Out.
  • Year-round Air-Conditioning
    •  A/C will remain installed for the full academic year