Access Into Columbia Undergraduate Housing

General Access Policy

Students who currently reside in Columbia undergraduate housing have swipe access into most undergraduate residence halls, with the exception of brownstones that do not have a guard. To enter any residence hall, residents must provide their University ID card to the security attendant to swipe for validation. Residents may enter the room or suite of a contractually assigned occupant by invitation only. Refusal to leave the room of another student at the request of the contractually assigned occupant(s) is prohibited. Access hours and guest policies may be different during holiday or vacation periods. Changes will be announced in advance.

Any student who does not have a current assignment in Columbia undergraduate housing is considered a guest. (See Guest Policy)

Non-Resident/Commuter Access

Undergraduate, non-residential students or commuters are able to apply for Swipe Access Status through Undergraduate Student Life. Swipe Access Status will be approved or denied on or after the first day of class each semester and will only be considered for currently enrolled undergraduate students in CC/SEAS. Non-residents must be in good disciplinary standing to receive access and must abide by the terms of the Guide to Living while in the halls. Commuters will be held accountable to the standards outlined in the Guide to Living. Undergraduate Student Life Staff will request a review of disciplinary files for students who submit applications. 

Special Access

As needed, residents of East Campus, Broadway Hall and Hogan Hall can request access to auxiliary entrances to these buildings in order to transport personal belongings in-residence. Requests are submitted by completing a Special Access Request form.
East Campus residents: B2 entrance (Faculty House courtyard)
Broadway/Hogan residents: Street-level entrance on 114th Street
Access through these special entrances is a privilege, and Columbia Housing and Residential Life work in partnership to ensure the appropriate precautions are taken for the safety of the community. Columbia Housing and Residential Life reserve the right to deny a request for access if there is a concern regarding the safety of the community or violation of the Guide to Living. Columbia Housing and Residential Life reserve the right to deny access at the doors if the items being brought in are prohibited or do not match the request form.