Columbia Housing and Residential Life work together to provide an exceptional student-centered experience.Students living in our residential communities are expected to abide by all Guide to Living and University policies.


Community Standards and Behavioral Expectations


All communities must have clear expectations and guidelines for behavior to maintain safety and order. Each member of the residential community shares responsibility in establishing and sustaining a living environment that balances individual and community needs. Read more about the Community Standards and Behavioral Expectations for the Columbia undergraduate residential community. 


Residential Life Administrative Conduct Process


Through the Residential Life Administrative Conduct Process, staff are responsible for documenting community issues and policy violations, as well as sanctioning and the appeal process. 


Dean's Discipline Process

Dean’s Discipline is the process utilized by Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science to investigate and respond to allegations of behavioral or academic misconduct. Dean’s Discipline is not meant to be an adversarial or legal process, but instead aims to educate students about the impact their behavior may have on their own lives as well as on the greater community. Learn about Dean's Discipline, which is managed by Student Conduct and Community Standards.