Intern Keys and Locks Policy

  • Interns are not permitted to lend anyone their room key.
  • Interns may not borrow keys from each other, nor are interns permitted to lend anyone their room key.
  • The duplication of keys by anyone other than University-authorized personnel is prohibited.
  • The creation and/or use of "dummy keys" for the purpose of entering a residence hall room or suite is prohibited.
  • The use of a room key by anyone other than the person assigned to the suite or room for which the key is being used is prohibited.

Please note: This does not prohibit University-authorized personnel from accessing rooms in conjunction with the performance of their duties.

In order to maintain an appropriate level of personal and community security, interns should carry suite and room keys with them at all times, and should not leave them in room and suite door locks or other locations outside of their residence hall room or suite for the purpose of gaining entry.

Interns who are locked out of their room can receive a temporary key (2 Hour Limit) at the Hartley Hospitality Desk, open 24 hours a day. After an intern has used the temporary key, they must return it to the Hospitality Desk or additional fees will apply on an hourly basis. If lost, a $25 fee will be assessed to replace the card.  Any CUIDs that are damaged will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine if any fees will be applied to replace the CUID.  Any lost keys will result in a fee of $65.
Columbia Housing performs a yearly lock rotation, replacing all suite and room keys during the summer. Therefore interns should expect a lock rotation during their stay. Interns will receive an email with more information prior to the rotation.