Eligibility, Accommodations and Arrival Checklist

Intern Housing Eligibility

Intern Summer Housing is available for non-Columbia students participating in an internship or summer program in the metropolitan area over the summer. To be eligible, residents must be a current undergraduate college or university student and at least 18 years of age. Prior to arriving students must present a valid form of University identification and proof of acceptance to an internship or summer program in NYC. Columbia Housing is not able to accommodate married couples, unless each person wishes to pay for a room. Children cannot be accommodated.

Intern Housing Accommodations

2018 Intern Housing is available in 47 Claremont.  47 Claremont is a suite-style building comprised of three to seven person suites sharing a kitchen and bathroom(s).  Air Conditioning will be provided. As plates, pots, and utensils are not provided in kitchens, guests may wish to bring their own. Interns receive a full gym membership to the Dodge Physical Fitness Center for the entire period of their stay. 

Assignments are made individually by Conference Housing on a first-come, first-serve basis, and there is very limited space to house summer interns during the summer of 2019. Additionally, while Conference Housing staff will do their best to accommodate roommate and room requests, we cannot guarantee that such requests will be granted.

To request special accommodations due to a disability, please indicate this need on the application. In addition, applicants must submit a Disability Housing Accommodations Request Form and supporting documentation to Disability Services. Disability Services cannot guarantee accommodations, which are based upon availability. Requests are subject to the approval of the office. If Disability Services approves a request, Conference Housing makes every effort to meet guest needs.

Accepted payment methods include American Express, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and Discover. Your credit card will be billed automatically upon application and confirmation.  Housing is only guaranteed upon completion of the application and payment in full.

Intern Housing Arrival Checklist 

Interns must review and submit the following documentation through their online Housing Application upon registration and payment. Failure to do so will prevent their ability to check-in.

1. Housing Agreement Form

Interns must complete, sign, and submit an Intern Housing Application online through the Housing Portal before submitting their payment.

2. Proof of Internship 

Interns must submit their proof of summer employment or summer internship with an organization (in the tri-state area) through the online Housing Application. Acceptable forms of proof include either a formal acceptance letter or email on letterhead from a company representative with contact informaion.

3. Proof of University Enrollment 

Interns must also submit a color copy of their current University ID (with full name and photo visible) as their proof of University enrollment through the online Housing Application.

4. Creating Columbia ID 

Conference Housing will provide each intern with a Columbia ID upon check in. In order to receive an ID, interns must activate their UNI and submit a photo.

Activate UNI:

A Conference Housing representative will email the intern their UNI (University Network ID) so they may activate their UNI account online. Interns must activate their UNI before submitting their photo ID. To activate a UNI, please visit the UNI website and select “Activate UNI or Email.” Follow the on-screen instructions.

*Social Security Number is not required to activate a UNI.

Submit Photo:

Interns must also submit a photo online. Photos must be submitted at least two weeks before arrival to allow processing time. 

The photo must be passport-style and meet the following requirements:

  • The photo must be a color, JPEG file
  • The background should be uniform and light-colored
  • Intern must be facing forward, with their head and shoulders clearly visible
  • No photos with sunglasses or hats will be accepted
  • The file cannot exceed 100k in size

Please note that the University ID card is Columbia University’s property and therefore must be returned to Conference Housing upon check-out. 

5. Directions and Helpful Arrival Information

You may visit directions to campus and campus map for helpful travel information. 

For information on the New York City transit system, you may click here. For information on transportation to and from airports, please visit the following websites:

Newark Airport  
LaGuardia Airport 
JFK Airport