Room Swap Request

Terms and Conditions of Room Swap

In order to be eligible for a room swap, both students must have the same class standing and must be enrolled full-time in Columbia College or SEAS. A room swap is not permitted between two students of a different gender when one student is in a double or on a single-sex floor. Swaps with Barnard students are not permitted.

Please Note

A room swap request is NOT complete upon online submission of this form. The completed form must be printed and then both residents must appear at the Housing office at 118 Hartley to complete the room swap with a Housing staff member. All fields on this form are required. 
Please reach out to your RHD/AD via email to schedule an appointment. RHD/AD contact information:
West Campus (47 Claremont,Woodbridge and 627 W. 115th)
Joey Kopriva– Associate Director (AD)
Office: 103 Broadway Hall
E-Block (Watt and Ruggles)
Keith Blankenship – Associate Director (AD)
Office: 103 Broadway Hall
East Campus
John Rowell – Residential Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 310 East Campus Hall
Catherine Monaco – Residential Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 210 Wien Hall
Carl Jones – Residential Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 110 Schapiro Hall
Broadway and Hogan
Cliff Jacobs – Residential Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 103 Broadway Hall

West 113th St. (McBain, 600 W. 113th and 548 W. 113th)
Robert Peñaherrera – Residential Hall Director (RHD)
Office 110 McBain Hall
Fraternity & Sorority Life
Ryan Cole – Residential Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 515 Lerner Hall
Scott Helfrich – Associate Director (AD) 
Office: 111 Wallach Hall
John Jay
Tay Richardson – Residential Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 111 Wallach Hall
Living-Learning Center
Kat Burns – Residential Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 111 Wallach Hall
Aaron Hukari – Residential Hall Director (RHD) for Carman Hall
Office: 104 Carman Hall
Special Interest Communities, River, 604/606, Q House, Harmony, Carlton Arms
Stephanie Valentino – Residential Hall Director (RHD)
Office: 101 Broadway Hall
Intercultural Resource Center (IRC)
Intercultural House (ICH)
Janae Hubbard – Associate Director (AD)
Office: Intercultural Resource Center 
Room keys must not be exchanged between students participating in a room swap. Key exchanges can only take place with an authorized Housing staff member. If a student is discovered living in a room other than the one for which s/he has a signed Occupancy Agreement, s/he will be charged a $100 fine and will be required to return to his or her assigned room.


Student 1

Student 2

Please print this form and have your RA and RHD/AD print and sign their names indicating approval of your request. 

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