Important Information You Need to Know for End-of-Year

This page has been organized to provide you with information you need to know for Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and end of the Fall Term.

Review the content that applies to you to ensure a smooth return to campus following your travels. If you have any questions, visit the Hartley Hospitality Desk or contact us at

As a reminder, the University has strongly urged the campus community to limit travel

Students Leaving Campus for Thanksgiving or Winter Break

  • If you plan to travel to a non-contiguous state, be prepared to quarantine and test upon your return to campus, whether you are returning after Thanksgiving or after Winter Break.

  • Access to your current room will be suspended depending on your travel destination and departure date indicated in your travel survey. Upon return to campus, you may be required to move to a quarantine room depending on where you traveled and how long you are away from campus. You will receive a follow up email from Housing with additional details and your quarantine assignment so that you know where to check-in when you return to campus.

  • Regardless of your travel destination, pack and bring any valuables and essential belongings with you when you leave. This includes anything you need over break, for your quarantine room if applicable, or things you might need if the return to campus is delayed because of the pandemic. Recommended items include your ID, passport, medications, toiletries, academic materials or important clothing. 

  • If there are items you want transferred to your quarantine room, like linens, you may pack one small bag and request a transfer to your quarantine room. Submit a request to Housing. Upon receipt, you will be instructed to pick up a tag from the Hospitality Desk to attach to your bag. 

  • Follow steps to prepare your current room for break.

  • If you have any doubts that you may not return for the Spring Term, you can request boxes and labels from the Hartley Hospitality Desk in order to pack your belongings in advance of leaving campus. You will be responsible for making storage or shipping arrangements. In the event that this is necessary, please notify Housing of your plans.

  • If your travel destination requires quarantine, you will be instructed to check-in with Housing upon your return to campus for access to your quarantine assignment.
  • All students requiring quarantine after Thanksgiving will need to schedule a COVID-19 test with Columbia Health.
  • All students returning for Spring Term will need to schedule a COVID-19 gateway test with Columbia Health, regardless of their quarantine status.

Students Not Returning to Columbia Housing for Spring Term

If you intend to leave Columbia Housing at the end of the Fall Term, be sure to cancel your assignment in the Housing Portal no later than December 17. Follow steps to prepare your room for Check-Out

On-Campus Services During Breaks

  • The Hospitality Desk will remain open over Thanksgiving & Winter Break should you need help or have an issue.