Living with Barnard Students

Below are the rules & guidelines for CC/SEAS & Barnard students who would like to live together in either Barnard Housing or Columbia Housing.

  • Groups of 2 – 10 Columbia students may include one or more Barnard students for Room Selection. 

  • Only rising Barnard seniors are eligible to participate during Room Selection and only as members of a group with all Columbia seniors. Barnard seniors will receive 30-point value. 

  • Barnard students are not eligible to be Group Leaders.  

  • At least 50% of the group must be comprised of eligible Columbia seniors.  

  • Barnard students cannot live in single corridor style housing. 

  • Barnard students are not eligible to be RA Riders or Disability Riders. 

  • Barnard students who register as part of a group for Columbia Room Selection must also register for BC Room Selection; otherwise they will not be eligible to take part in CU Room Selection. 


A group of 5 students (2 BC and 3 CU) can pick into a 5-person suite or reform to different groups as long as they meet all requirements.  

  • Option one: 5-person suite 

  • Option two: 4-person suite (2 BC and 2 CU in the suite) and 1 CU in a corridor style single 

  • Option three: 2 doubles - first double (1 BC and 1 CU), second double (1 BC and 1 CU), and 1 CU in a corridor style single. 

  • Option four: 3-person suite (1BC and 2 CU) and one double (1 BC and 1 CU) 

There is a cap on the number of rooms exchanged with Barnard. It is equal to the number of: 

  • CC/SEAS students who wants to live at Barnard and sign up during Barnard's Room Selection 

  • And the number of Barnard students who want to live in a sorority.  

If the number of Barnard students assigned to a sorority is less than the number of Columbia students who wants to live at Barnard, then some Barnard students will be eligible to apply through Columbia Room Selection, in order to balance the number of rooms exchanged.  

During the appointment time: 

  • When the Exchange Cap is reached, all groups with Barnard students will be notified. 

  • Barnard students who have not yet selected with their CU group will be automatically removed from the group. 

  • The Barnard student will have to go back to Barnard Housing to select a room.   

  • Barnard Housing is notified.  

  • The group's point value will remain unchanged and their lottery number will stay the same, but the group size will decrease by the amount of Barnard students in the group.  

  • The group leader will then assign the rest of the group.  

Barnard College students who are guaranteed housing are eligible to live with CC and SEAS students in select SICs and FSL housing.  BC students cannot make up more than 33% of a SIC or house (i.e. a group of six must comprise at least 4 CC/SEAS students).  The following are the maximum BC capacities for each SIC and organization approved through the CU/BC Housing Exchange:

  • Pan African House - 2
  • Casa Latina -  2
  • Q-House - 2
  • IRC/ICH -  4
  • DG - 4
  • KAT - 5
  • AXO - 2
  • SDT - 4
  • ADP - 6.
  • A CC or SEAS student who is eligible to participate in CU Room Selection may register for Barnard's Room Selection to join a group to select into a BC suite (or be pulled in as an RA or DS rider).  Groups for the BC Lottery must be 50% or more BC students. 

  • Groups with CC/SEAS students are eligible to select into Plimpton Hall, 601 W 110th Street, 600, 616, & 620 W 116th Street, and Cathedral Gardens (may not pick or be pulled into a corridor-style housing). 

  • Groups with CC/SEAS students may select into co-ed suites regardless of sex, gender, or gender expression, as part of the Open Housing program. Co-ed groups will be required to sign the BC Open Housing Agreement/Contract; see the Open Housing section of Barnard's Room Selection Guide for more information. 

  • CC/SEAS students who wish to register for BC Room Selection must email and ask to be added to the BC Housing Portal so they may log in to register before the Registration deadline. 

  • Any CC/SEAS student who intends to participate in Barnard Room Selection MUST also still register for Columbia Room Selection. S/he must select "Individual - CU Living at Barnard" as the option.  

  • Because of the limited number of suites matching each group size, CC/SEAS students are not guaranteed to be able to select into suites with their BC group. In the case where a CC/SEAS student is not able to select at BC, they will need to contact Columbia Housing immediately so that they can be assigned an appointment time according to their class standing and select as an individual in Columbia’s  Room Selection.

  • View Barnard's Room Selection page for more information about the Barnard Room Selection process.