About Us

Welcome to Columbia University, in the city of New York! Columbia University is a world-renowned institution within one of the most exciting cities in the world, making it the perfect choice for your internship. ACUHO-I Internships at Columbia University provide students with an extraordinary opportunity to network with colleagues and guests from all over the world.

During the 2015 summer conference season, more than 25,000 guests visited Columbia University with a total of over 50,000 room nights with guest from 22 countries around the world. In addition 1,000 students stayed on campus and nearly 700 students took part in the Intern Housing Program.

Columbia Housing is part of the Columbia Facilities and Operations team and shares the same mission and vision.

Our Mission

Columbia University Facilities and Operations supports the core educational and research mission of the University by maintaining a safe, beautiful, and functional campus environment, and providing services and spaces for campus life and activity outside the classroom. Facilities and Operations is responsible for the safety, preservation, and maintenance of Columbia's real estate portfolio. It provides space planning; oversight of new building design and construction, renovation, repair, and restoration of existing spaces; operations and maintenance of buildings and grounds; and management of the University apartment housing inventory and campus public safety. Within campus, Facilities and Operations also serves the community through the operation of its residential and retail dining program, student health services, event catering and venue management, undergraduate residence halls, student center and bookstore, and sustainability engagement.

Our Vision

As a valued partner of the Columbia academic and campus community, we:

  • provide high value and quality
  • seek ways to continuously improve our operations
  • grow with the changing needs of the community
  • collaborate with our University colleagues
  • deliver exceptional customer service
  • are respected stewards of Columbia's physical assets 

For more information, please visit: Mission and Guiding Principles.

Additional Information 

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