Academic Breaks

All residence halls are open throughout academic breaks. 

Guest Passes

As outlined in the Guide to Living, no Guest Passes will be available through Public Safety. Visitors can be signed in at the residence hall front desk and must be escorted at all times. A student may sign-in no more than 3 visitors at any one time during Interim periods or Winter Break. Guest Passes will again be issued when classes resume. 

Building Access

Building access does not change during academic breaks. The only exception is the entrance to Wallach Hall, which is closed during all academic breaks. Wallach residents can access Wallach through John Jay or Hartley. 

Housing Maintenance and Facilities

During academic breaks, maintenance and custodial services continue, but on a limited schedule. Because buildings are usually at low occupancy, residents may also need to allow the water in the shower to run longer than usual before getting hot water. Place an online Maintenance Request or call the Hospitality Desk at 212-854-2779 for more information.

Winter Break

Students are only eligible for Winter Break housing if they are in housing for both the Fall and Spring semesters of the Academic Year. Read more about eligibility and procedures for Winter Break in the Guide to Living


Students Not Returning for Spring Term


If you are not returning to campus in the Spring (due to Study Abroad, medical leave of absence, living off-campus, graduating early, etc), and will be checking-out of your room before Winter Break, you are expected to fill out the Housing Portal Cancellation step and vacate your current assignment by the posted deadline


Sustainability Tips

  • Unplug all appliances before leaving. For winter break, unplug and take everything out of your refrigerator.
  • Turn off and unplug your computer, alarm clock, TV, and any other electronics.
  • Make sure your windows are tightly closed and all lights are turned off.
  • Turn off your room's A/C or heater.