Periods and Rates

Visiting Summer Student Housing 2017
PeriodDates 2017Single RateDouble Rate
Non-refundable Application FeeUntil April 15$50.00$50.00
Non-Refundable Application FeeStarting April 16$100.00$100.00
Full Summer Session  May 21–August 11$4,141.00 + non-refundable application fee$3,485.00 + non-refundable application fee
Summer Session I*May 21–June 30$2,020.00+non-refundable application fee$1,700.00+non-refundable application fee
Summer Interim*June 30–July 2$101.00$85.00
Summer Session IIJuly 2–August 11$2,020.00 + non-refundable application fee$1,700.00 + non-refundable application fee

*Please note: Students who register for Session I and then decide to register for Session II must also register for Summer Interim. Students who apply for  Session I only or Session  II only cannot apply for Summer Interim to extend their stay or arrive early.