Cable Television

Televisions with complimentary cable service are provided in most residential common areas.

CUtv Cable

Available Locations

CUtv service is provided by Housing in:

  • Broadway floor lounges
  • Carman floor lounges and fitness room
  • East Campus suite lounges (not flats) and second floor lounge
  • Furnald floor lounges
  • Hartley suite lounges
  • Hogan suite lounges (no individual rooms)
  • John Jay floor lounges
  • McBain floor lounges
  • River floor lounges and fitness room
  • Ruggles basement lounge and fitness room
  • Schapiro floor lounges and fitness room
  • SIC House
  • Wallach
  • Watt and Woodbridge apartment common areas
  • 600 W. 113th

CUtv is not available in individual rooms. 

Contact CUtv

For assistance with CUtv, please call the CUIT Service Desk at (212) 854-1919 or send email to

Spectrum | Time Warner Cable

Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable), the local for-profit cable operator, services 47 Claremont, Harmony Hall, and the Brownstones. To obtain service from Spectrum, first call Specturm at (212) 358-0900 to schedule an appointment. After scheduling an appointment, students must notify Housing of the day and time of their appointment by email

Housing will confirm approved appointments with Spectrum. Students will be notified of this process via email. All bills will be mailed to the student directly by Time Warner. For more information, please call the Hartley Hospitality Desk at (212) 854-2779.

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