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Residence Hall Building Type Room Type Class Make-Up
47 Claremont Suite-style Suites with singles and doubles Sophomore; Junior; Senior
600 West 113th Street Large suite-style Large suites with singles and doubles Mix Juniors, Seniors; Few Sophomores
Broadway Hall Corridor-style Singles, Doubles Junior; Senior; Few Sophomore
Carlton Arms Large suite-style Singles, doubles Combined Plan; Transfer Students
Carman Hall Corridor-style Doubles First-Year
East Campus Townhouses and duplex suites, two-person flats Suites with singles and doubles Majority Senior; Few Junior
Furnald Hall Corridor-style Singles, Doubles Majority First-Year; Sophomore
Greek Brownstones Brownstone Singles, Doubles Sophomore; Junior; Senior
Harmony Hall Corridor-style Singles, Doubles Sophomore, Junior; Few Senior
Hartley Hall Large suite-style Suites with singles and doubles First-Year; Sophomore
Hogan Hall Suite-style Suites with singles Senior
John Jay Hall Corridor-style Singles, Doubles First-Year
McBain Hall Corridor-style Singles, Doubles Sophmore
Residential Brownstones Apartments Spacious studio singles and doubles Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
River Hall Large suite-style Singles, one double Junior; Senior
Ruggles Hall Suite-style Suites with singles and doubles Majority Junior; Senior
Schapiro Hall Corridor-style Singles, Doubles, walk-through doubles Sophomore, Junior; Few Senior
SIC Residences Various Singles, Doubles Sophomore; Junior; Senior
Wallach Hall Corridor-style Singles, Doubles First-Year; Sophomore
Watt Hall Apartment-style Studio singles, studio doubles, one-bedrooms, two-bedrooms Majority Junior; Senior
Wien Hall Corridor-style Singles, Doubles, large walk-through doubles Sophomore; Junior
Woodbridge Hall Apartment-style Doubles, Singles Mix Sophomores, Juniors; Few Seniors