ACUHO-I Alumni Testimonies

Jesska Daugherty, NC

"My favorite memories from Columbia are the people I met there: interns from other universities, Columbia students, and college interns working at business and organizations across the city. Living in New York for three months was incredible; every day felt like a new adventure. I traveled all over the five boroughs, saw nine Broadway plays, ate amazing food, and learned a lot about the culture of this vibrant city. I'm still friends with many of the people I met during my internship and have even been to some of their weddings."

Conference Housing Assistant/RA, 2007


Janae Buege-McClain, WI

"I learned how to work and communicate with people from all over the world that all came from different walks of life. Not only is the staff at Columbia University diverse, but so are the interns that choose to make Columbia their home in the summers. I also learned how to better balance my own leadership style within a team."

Conference Housing Assistant/RA, 2015


Katie Goshorn, MO

"I really appreciated the relationships that were made during that time. Some of my best friends are people that I worked with and it serves as a network for colleagues across the country and around the world."

Intern Housing Coordinator/Res Life Intern, 2010

Tara Centeno, WI

"My experience at Columbia taught me critical thinking and real time troubleshooting at a level I had never experienced before."

Conference Desk Manager, 2014

Carlos Pinkerton, OH

"I would tell future interns that they should come into the experience being as open minded as possible and be ready to learn as much as they can from the experience. The tools and experiences that they will gain will definitely set them apart from their peers especially when it comes time to interview for other positions."

Conference Desk Manager, 2014

Robert Alberts, IL

"My favorite memory was every year having a different group of people to make friends with and learn about. You have all these different undergrads and graduate students from across the country and you get to learn more about who they are and where they're from. It's almost like making a small family while you're there."

Conference Desk Operations Manager, 2015